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50 %
Upto 50% increase in ICU resource utilization
Admit more complex cases 24/7, and improve resource utilization of your hospital infrastructure.
1 life
Additionally saved for every 10 patients seen
On average, 1 additional life is saved for every 10 patients our doctors see across our network.
40 %
Upto 40% decrease in ICU mortality
Instituting evidence-based protocols, 24/7 proactive management and timely interventions lead to better patient outcomes.
20 hrs
Access to more than 20 hrs/month of critical care training
Focus on continuing education, with weekly CMEs and CNEs on advanced ventilator management, haemodynamics and much more.
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Case study image
Collaborative effort saves
collapsed lung
An incorrectly placed endotracheal tube led to a collapsed left lung. The eagle eyed remote intensivist spotted the error and was able to guide the hospital team to re-expand the lung. The immediate action saved the patient.
Case study image
Central Care hub saves young
life 2,200km away
A high occupancy ICU in a remote town in Bihar, India, was able to save a 14-year-old patient with deathly low oxygen levels. This was the first time the hospital team used advanced respiratory failure management techniques such as prone ventilation, made possible by the expert guidance of the Cloudphysician team.
Case study image
Critical care upskilling for hospital
team gives community hope
World-class critical care training empowered a small hospital team to take on high acuity cases, while also caring for the high number of ventilator dependent patients brought on during the second wave of the COVID-19. This community hospital was able to take care of their own during harsh times of need.
Case study image
Overburdened ICU team needed
night-time support
A multispecialty hospital with over 80% occupancy had a critical care team who was stretched beyond capacity. Cloudphysician’s care center helped them increase efficiency and care for higher acuity patients, round-the-clock.
Case study image
An operational model to increase
ICU capacity during a pandemic.
In this issue of the BJA, we document how we were able to rapidly deploy our critical care solution in high-volume and low-resource settings, across India during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
ET health
Cloudphysician secures $10.5 million to expand AI-powered ICU & emergency care in India and abroad. Funding will fuel growth and development of their AI platform to support medical professionals.
INC 42
Cloudphysician appoints Dr. Mandar Vaidya, ex-McKinsey leader, as CEO-India to drive tech-enabled critical care solutions across the country. His experience in healthcare strategy and global business leadership will fuel Cloudphysician's growth in India.
The Times of India
Path-breaking technology is making critical healthcare delivery more accessible. Such systems and technology are being adopted across the country, leading to better patient outcomes and lives being saved.
Financial Express
Technology offers an alternative via which quality healthcare can be delivered by connecting an ICU located anywhere to a multidisciplinary super specialists care team.
Uninterrupted access to care centers is the hallmark of telemedicine. Provider to provider models rely on trust at scale, and seamless connectivity forms the bedrock of that trust.
As a critical care force multiplier, RADAR played a significant role during the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the touch points for caregivers, and therein reducing PPE requirements.
The Times of India
Change is coming to ICUs everywhere; progressive and aspirational hospitals are transforming by leveraging technology to make healthcare delivery standardized and equitable.
Protocol based care has increased significantly across hospitals with tele-ICU models, providing streamlined and action based care plans uniformly for all patients.
The New Indian Express
Cutting-edge technology coupled with the expertise of specialists was instrumental in providing real-time critical care support with organ retrieval that ended up saving multiple lives.
The Cloudphysician
The Cloudphysician solution is a clinically designed framework which works with your existing technologies and adapts to any clinical workflow. This tailored experience gives you insights that accelerate clinical decisions, creates opportunities for greater efficiency, and assures improved patient outcomes.
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The hospital becomes a center of excellence.
  • Optimized for collaboration
  • Built for scaling and agility
  • Focussed on patient centricity
Support to give your team more time to focus on their patients.
  • Pervasive automation
  • Intelligent analytics
  • 24/7 collaboration
We virtually bring our multi-specialty critical care team into your ICU.
  • Real time support
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Quality outcomes audits
ICU design and workflow, training of ICU staff, and building a warm rapport.
  • Assessment and advising
  • Deployment and training
  • Best practice and integration
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