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Radar - Tailor-made for medical teams.

Tailor made for medical teams

Aspirational healthcare organizations are looking for a solution to solve the complex problems of healthcare. Faced with rampant burnout, legacy infrastructure, and inefficient processes, delivering quality healthcare is challenging.

RADAR is designed for heterogeneous and complex healthcare environments. Its user-friendly design was created with a laser focus on clinical workflows incorporating international physician, nursing and allied professional experience to enable easy adoption for caregivers. Role-based workflows, actionable alerts, and machine learning tools do away with redundant tasks, and instead, empower your teams to provide quality care without barriers. RADAR can quickly and effectively maximize your team’s potential, allowing them to focus on what is important - patient care.

The Smart-ICU
for efficient clinical care
Documentation is automated allowing
caregivers to focus on patient care.
for multidisciplinary interactions
Single place for nurses, doctors
and consultants to work together from anywhere.
The Smart-ICU
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Workflow Integration
for coordinated care
Clear workflows that plan your
day for you and your team.
Quality Augmentation
using advanced analytics
Analytical tools to benchmark care metrics, ensure compliance and aid research.
Medical Intelligence
for efficient insights
Data when you need it to elevate
your responsiveness,
insight and planning.
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ML powered note writing assistant. Reduces documentation time by 40%.
Automated document transcription. Integrates and digitizes paper data.
Industry leading computer vision tool. Increases nursing efficiency by 30%.
Voice to text dictation tool.
Enhanced user experience.
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Case study image
Residents of Nadiad receive quality care in their hometown
Anaesthesiologists from a Tier III town wanted more for their community. With RADAR they were able to provide their local community with evidenced-based clinical insights, and high quality care.