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Critical care

Empowered care
Cloudphysician's 24/7 Smart-ICU service is supported by a dedicated team of highly trained ICU providers. We connect the bedside ICU to our Care Centre using our proprietary platform, RADAR. We become a part of the bedside team and collaborate with them to provide the best patient care and assistance, no matter the time of the day. From daily rounds to critical admissions, our world-class support is always on. This has resulted in improved outcomes and reduced mortality rates.
Our Care Footprint
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In our journey of creating a new way of delivering critical care through our Smart-ICU solution in an equitable manner, Cloudphysician has partnered with some remarkable doctors and entrepreneurs who are driven towards providing the best care to the patients that come to their hospitals. The hybrid in-patient care model facilitated better ICU management which directly resulted in an increased ICU bed count by 100% and a three-fold rise in critical care patient retention.

Cloudphysician enabled us to treat twice the number of critical care patients.
Ujvalla Ballal, CEO, Aveksha Hospital
Cloudphysician gives evidence based decisions, that enhance clinical outcomes.
Amit Sharma, CIO, Cytecare Cancer Hospital
The Cloudphysician teams timely identification and intervention of supraventricular tachycardia stabilized the patient.
Dr Ravi Kannan, Padma Shri Awardee, Cachar Cancer Hospital
Our Quality Metrics
  • Preventing ICU infections
  • Disease-specific protocols
  • Early detection of organ failures
  • Rational blood transfusion strategies
  • Timely resuscitation of patients
  • Appropriate ICU prophylaxis
  • Utilization of lung-protective ventilation strategies
  • Reduction of medical errors
Supporting partners
Cisco Launchpad Programme
Cisco Launchpad Programme
Joint Course on Integrated Digital Intensive Care Management (IDICM)
Joint Course on Integrated Digital Intensive Care Management (IDICM)
CAWACH Grantee
CAWACH Grantee
Finalist at Ayushman Bharat Startup Challenge and Market Access Programme
Finalist at Ayushman Bharat Startup Challenge and Market Access Programme