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We are a healthcare company focused on bringing quality critical care within the reach of every patient, wherever they may be.
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Our Story

Dhruv and Dileep met during their pulmonary and critical care fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, USA. They were convinced that the augmentation of healthcare delivery through technology was essential to make quality care more accessible. The opportunity to create impact at a far greater scale motivated their move back to India.

While they continued treating critical care patients across the USA, remotely, they also traveled the length and breadth of India to understand the ground realities of critical care delivery in all the different resource settings. During this time, they used nearly every remote care device and platform available in the market both in India and USA and learned that while healthtech can potentially be an excellent enabler, it is rarely designed for a clinical audience. Through their travels, they also realized that the unmet need for care far exceeded what just a traditional technology platform could address. This was the point of origin for Cloudphysician.

And so began our journey of continuous innovation, to design an acute care model that was simple to use, easy to deploy, and accessible to everyone. It combines state of the art yet simple to use technology, best-in-class clinical expertise, systemic change management solutions, and upskilling programs, to radically reshape the way care is being delivered.

Today, Cloudphysician offers patient-centric solutions that are tailor-made for medical teams.

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Dr. Dhruv Joshi
Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Dileep Raman
Co-Founder and Chief of Healthcare
Dhruv Sud
Director, Technology
Srinivasan Ramasamy
Chief Operating Officer
Kanika Gulati
Director, Product
Ayesha Gopal
Chief of Staff and Director of Operations
Pradeep Gopi
Director, Human Resources
T C Sivaraman
Director, Sales
Dr. C S Kedar IAS (Retd.)
Head, Government and Public Health
Clinical Operations
Dr. Sanu Anand
Director, Smart-ICU Strategy and Growth
Dr. Lokesh MB
Manager of Clinical Quality and Intensivist
Dr. Sandesh Kumar
Head of Digitization and Intensivist
Dr. Akella Chendrasekhar
Surgical Intensivist and Director, Clinical Quality
Stephen Shanthkumar
Head of Nursing
Jitesh Sekar
Technical Lead, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence
Nishanth Devadiga
Technical Lead, Special Projects
Gokulakrishnan M
Head of IT and Infrastructure
Innovation, Research and Academy
Dr. Dileep Unnikrishnan
Technical Lead, Data Science and Analytics
Dr. Carl Britto
Lead Research Collaborator
Dr. Shashi Bhaskara Krishnamurthy
Intensivist and Director, Clinical Academy